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A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG!

In eons past, the fabled sorcerer-kings of Parhok perished in a rain of eldritch fire. But legends hold that one tribe survived the apocalypse, fleeing with their slaves to a hidden city, where the greatest enchanters of all time could sleep away the centuries, and awaken in a future age as rulers of a ruined land.

Now once more the forbidden spells of the Parhok threaten the good folk of the Known Realms. A kingdom lies ensorcelled, a royal family ensnared by the forgotten dweomers of a long-dead race. When the best attempts of seers and diviners have failed, it falls to the heroes to save the kingdom.

Have the sorcerer-kings risen to reclaim their bejeweled thrones? Or has a more sinister power bent their ancient magics to its sinister will? Only the most courageous and cunning of heroes will emerge victorious from Dragora’s Dungeon.


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  • Open Gaming Network: “I cannot stress too much, however, how HARD this adventure will be if your players are not careful.”

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Writer: Harley Stroh
DCC RPG Conversion: Daniel J. Bishop
Cover Art: Clyde Caldwell
Cartography: Doug Kovacs

softcover + PDF format

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