Dungeon Crawl Classics #78 and 2017 Convention Special (Spanish)


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Level 1 and Level 2 Adventures for DCC RPG  Now in a Spanish Language version!

This Spanish language flip-book features two great DCC RPG adventures: The Level 1 adventure Tower of the Black Pearl, and the Level 2 adventure Blood for the Serpent King.

Tower of the Black Pearl

Once every decade, the tides of the Empyrean Ocean recede far enough to reveal the highest eaves of a mysterious undersea tower. Long ago this was an eldritch fastness of Sezrekan the Elder, the most wicked wizard ever to plague the Known World, but now the tower is known simply as the final resting place of the fabled Black Pearl – an artifact rumored to bring doom upon all who dare to posses it.

Tonight the moon nearly fills the sky, and the tides have already begun to recede. Adventurers have eight short hours to explore the tower before the dark waters return. The fabled Black Pearl will be theirs for the taking…if they can survive the Pearl’s curse.

Blood for the Serpent King

Deep in the jungles, amidst the ruins of an unimaginably ancient civilization, dangers lurk: feral tribes and predatory beasts, and darker things that civilized folk prefer to forget. You’ve heard rumors of the treasure hordes of one of those great evils: the legendary serpent-man, Xiuhcoatl. They say that Xiucoatl is worshipped by feral tribes of degenerate serpent-men who call him The Emerald Cobra. Do you dare face their rites of blood and sacrifice?

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Publisher: Other Selves

DCC 2017 Convention Special: Blood for the Serpent King
Writer: Edgar Johnson
Cover art: Stefan Poag
Cartography: Doug Kovacs

DCC #79.5: Tower of the Black Pearl
Writer: Harley Stroh
DCC RPG Rules Conversion: Daniel Bishop
Cover art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs