Dungeon Crawl Classics #68: The People of the Pit (Spanish)


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A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG  Now in a Spanish Language version!

It has been years since the last virgin was sacrificed: and now the pit beast awakens once more! Every generation it stumbles forth on undulating tentacles from its resting place deep below the great ravine, its towering blubbery mass ravaging the land before returning to slumber for decades. But this time is different. The Great Beast strikes with intelligence: bands of faceless gray-robed men emerge from the tenebrous depths, herding the beast’s roaming tentacles before them. The enigmatic people of the pit live despite the passage of ages! The earth shakes each night as they herd the primordial tentacles ever further, while the villagers ask: is any man brave enough to put the sword to this menace?


  • RPG Now fan reviews: “The People of the Pit looks like it should be a blast and I can’t wait to run it for a group. And where else can you go swimming in a pool of pit-beast poop?”
  • Save vs. Total Party Kill: “The Emerald Enchanter is my favourite of the first three modules from DCC RPG, but they are all enjoyable reads. I feel like you could turn them into something more open-ended if that’s the sort of thing you like, and they each have some interesting ideas to steal.”

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Publisher: Other Selves

Writer: Joseph Goodman
Cover Art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs

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