Dungeon Crawl Classics #64: Codex of the Damned – PDF


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A Level 5 Adventure.

Something is lurking beneath the ruined church. Down the slick stone steps, beneath the musty catacombs and forgotten chambers, there is a vault. A gallery of blasphemous, heretical tomes, this vault conceals an artifact of inestimable power:

The Codex of the Damned.

For centuries, the Codex has rested undisturbed. But now someone dares to unearth its wicked secrets, loosing the madness of the Codex upon the sunlit world. A strapping band of heroes is all that stands in the way of an ancient power that threatens to undo all existence. Are you and your companions courageous enough to answer the call?

Rules Set: 4E

Writer: Phillip Larwood
Editor: Aijalyn Kohler
Cover Art: Ben Wootten
Interior Art: Doug Kovacs
Cartography: Jeremy Simmons
Art Direction: Jim Pinto