Dungeon Crawl Classics #63: The Warbringer’s Son




A Level 1 Adventure

For years, the Bandit Lord has ground the countryside under his heel, crippling your people with his cruel demands. The time has come to end his bitter reign. Armed with naught but your courage, you will put an end to his tyranny or die trying. But the Bandit King himself is only a pawn answering to Kainos, the Warbringer’s Son, a half-god intent on setting the North aflame with conflict, and slaughtering all that stand in his way.

The Fifth Annual Gen Con Open Tournament, The Warbringer’s Son was one of the bloodiest tournaments on record. Many have tested their might against the Warbringer, and many have fallen. How will you fare?

Rules Set: 4E


  • EN World Fan Review: 5 stars. “Even the tournament play element is interesting enough on its own to bring some excitement to the table should you choose to play it as such!”

Writers: Mike Ferguson, Rick Maffei, Adrian Pommier
Development: Chris Doyle, Joseph Goodman, Adrian Pommier, Harley Stroh
Project Manager: Adrian Pommier
Gen Con Tournament Coordinator: Adrian Pommier
Gen Con Tournament Judges: Chris Anderson, Don Eccles, Stephen Glicker, Jason Goodwin, Erica King, Stephanie Huffaker, Seth Lipton, Gary McBride, Ken McCutchen, Jeff McSpadden, Greg Oppedisano, Justin Sipla, J. Case Tompkins
Editor: Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Cover Art: Eric Lofgren
Interior Art: Doug Kovacs
Cartography: Ed Bourelle
Art Direction: Jim Pinto
Dungeon Crawl Classics Line Development: Harley Stroh