Dungeon Crawl Classics #60: Thrones of Punjar


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An Adventure for Character Levels 7-9

Twisted secrets rise and give birth to horrors in the dark crevices beneath Slaughterstone Alley. Here, in the foul entertainment district known as the Devil’s Thumb, death puts on a painted face and stalks the streets at night. And when the city’s greatest nobles strike bargains with abominations, and willing cultists offer up blood sacrifices in the name of their wicked masters, it will take both cunning and courage to face down the dark fiends that sit atop…

The Thrones of Punjar.

Rules Set: 4E.


  • Meta Gamemastery: “I wholeheartedly recommend Thrones of Punjar. The best complement I can give this book is I actually want to run my players through it in its entirety


Writer: Rick Maffei
Cover Art: Eric Lofgren
Graphic Design: Jim Pinto