Dungeon Crawl Classics #53: Sellswords of Punjar


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An Adventure for Character Level 1

Deep within the heart of the slums, in the rat-ridden city of Punjar, the Beggar-King weaves his plots. Unearthing rites best left forgotten and offering up sacrifices to the loathsome Lords of Shade, the Beggar-King’s ambitions threaten to unleash a horde of shadow-horrors upon Punjar’s huddled masses.

You and your fellow companions must bring the reign of the Beggar-King to an end. Your quest will take you from the rooftops of Punjar to its filthiest alleys, and beneath the streets of Punjar to the fetid heart of the city, where even the bravest of sellswords will tremble before the fell secrets of the Beggar-King of Punjar.

An introductory adventure designed specifically for first level characters, Sellswords of Punjar is an urban Dungeon Crawl Classic unlike any other. It includes a full-color double-sided battle map to allow your characters to fully experience the perils of Punjar! This stand-alone adventure can also be used to launch a campaign in the epic fantasy world of Áereth.

Rules Set: 4E.

Áereth Map Grid: MM8.


  • The Tome Show reviews Dungeon Crawl Classics #53, #54, and #55.
  • RPGNow Staff Review: “In the end, I was quite impressed with the adventure that was crafted here. A varied mix of challenges serve to keep the PCs moving, and despite the low-level there’s a real sense of tension throughout the adventure. Sellswords of Punjar brings a familiar flavor to the new edition of the World’s Favorite Fantasy RPG, and it’s most welcome for it. Punjar is on its way to making its mark as a 4E favorite with its debut DCC.”
  • Paizo.com customer review: 4 stars. “A compact and interesting map. Atmospheric area descriptions that ooze with crumbling urban decrepitude. Well-described, iconic enemies.”
  • EN World Fan Review: 5 stars. “An intriguing adventure that showcases the strengths of 4E. Cool battlemaps. Memorable villains and killer traps.”
  • EN World Staff Review: 5 stars. “The book has charm. With some more nods to old school, such as statues with cursed treasure and handouts, the book does a solid job of providing everything that the Game Master needs.”


Writer: Harley Stroh
Cover Art: Eric Lofgren
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Jim Pinto

Includes a full-color double-sided battle map!