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Dracula, his minions, and undead Vikings for old-style role-playing adventure games.

Draugr & Draculas is a 64-page zine-sized supplement for old-style roleplaying adventure games, written and illustrated by Joshua LH Burnett (with additional art from Brad McDevitt).

Inside you will discover the blood-curdling secrets of Count Dracula, his benighted castle, and his monstrous minions. You’ll learn the secrets of Blood Magic, as stolen by Elizabeth Bathory herself. Perhaps you’ll take up the mantle of Vampire Hunter and put these monsters to the stake, or delve deep into the Pagan’s Well to uncover artifacts of baleful power! You’ll also learn about the deadly draugr, fierce undead from the accursed North. You’ll behold the terrible majesty of the Draugr Queen and sup upon human brains yourself with the new Draugr class!

NOTE: Draugr & Draculas is not a supplement for DCC RPG. It is intended for use with any role-playing game with a penchant for old-style flavor. (Which makes it a good fit for DCC.)

Published by: JLHB Polytechnic

Written by: Joshua LH Burnett
Art by: Joshua LH Burnett
Additional Contributors: Bradley K. McDevitt 

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