DragonMech: Steam Warriors PDF


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Swords and Spells Have Nothing on Steam

Why wield a sword when you can build a metal man to wield it for you? Why waste time learning to cast a fireball when you have a flame-launching clockwork dragon? This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors, whose fantastic contraptions have reshaped the world of DragonMech!

A Guide for Every Player

This player’s guide to coglayers, steamborgs, and mech jockeys expands the range of character options in DragonMech. In addition to a host of new steam-powered feats, equipment, and prestige classes, it presents details on coglings and the emerging clockwork race of tik’tok, new steam powers, new spells and psionics that interact with steam powers in unique ways, optional rules for redlining steam equipment, and a host of other details that make steam gear real in your campaign.


Writers: Mark Charke, Neal Gamache, Joseph Goodman, Lee Hammock, Mateo Salazar, Wes Schneider, Matt Sprengeler, Christina Stiles, Steven Trustrum, Dieter Zimmerman, Jeremy Zimmerman
Developer: Matt Sprengeler
Art Director and Graphic Designer: Shane Hartley
Artists: Samuel Araya, John Bridges, Nick Greenwood, Jeremy Mohler, Noel Murphy, Kian Chai Ng, Grey Thornberry
Editor: Ken Hart
Produced in cooperation with Sword & Sorcery Studios, a division of White Wolf