DragonMech: Almanac of the Endless Traders PDF


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Wander the Whole World

Join the fabled Endless Traders as they journey across — and underneath — the shattered land of Highpoint. With no protection but their own cunning, these travelers explore every inch of the continent. They see more in a year than most Highpointers do in a lifetime. Now their secrets are yours!

Seasons of Adventure and Mystery

This campaign sourcebook offers a detailed look at Highpoint’s surface and the mysterious underdeep. It concentrates on regions and realms never yet examined. See the friendly yet terrifying residents of the Wet Desert. Visit proud Duerok, bastion of underground civilization, and learn of the tension pulling it apart. Every month finds the Endless Traders somewhere new. The people, places, and things they find will enhance any campaign!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Writers: Neal Gamache, Lee Hammock, Adrian Pommier, Martin Ralya, Wes Schneider, Matt Sprengeler, Dieter Zimmerman
Developer: Matt Sprengeler
Editor: Ken Hart