DCC RPG: Tomb of the Savage Kings – Free RPG Day 2021 – PDF


Fifth Edition Fantasy: The Sunken Temple of Set - Free RPG Day 2021 - PDF

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A level 2 adventure for DCC RPG.

Portnelle’s most popular and wealthy socialite, the widow Zita Aztur, has approached the PCs in a desperate plea for assistance. Zita’s sister Isobel has gone missing! Isobel had recently become smitten with a mysterious suitor who fancies himself an adventurer. Zita fears the stranger may have enticed Isobel to seek out the Moon Spear of Andoheb. Most who have searched for the spear have never been seen again, but those foolhardy souls never had your skill or confidence—and the widow is paying handsomely…

This adventure was originally released on Free RPG Day 2021.

Written by: Stephen Newton
Cover artist: William McAusland

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