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DCC: The Cat and the Resurrection - Print + PDF

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Part of the Greenleaf Adventures series, Murt’s Miscalculation is designed for a Level 3 Party of 6 to 10 Characters.

Twenty-five years ago, Murt, a humble storekeeper, was abducted by extraterrestrials; the extraterrestrials did experiments on Murt and enhanced his intelligence by implanting nano-microchips in his brain. After his abduction, Murt developed a fascination for astronomy, interdimensional travel, theoretical physics, and mathematics. Murt’s fascination with these subjects caused his fellow villagers to question his sanity. However, Murt’s day came some twenty-five years later, when the village was teleported to an interdimensional prison by the vile Woman in Black.

Drawing upon his knowledge, Murt created a portal to the Woman in Black’s lair, which allowed a band of adventurers to enter the Woman in Black’s lair. The adventurers defeated the Woman in Black, freeing the village from the interdimensional prison. Long hours of hard work did take a toll on Murt; instead of returning the village to the present, the village was transported 15,000 years to the past…. Now, a bold new world of adventure awaits your players in this altered timeline.

Murt’s Miscalculation is a third-party compatible DCC adventure designed for a Level 3 party of 6 to 10 characters.  This adventure is part of the Greenleaf Adventures series and follows the events of The Cat and The Resurrection.

Published by: Tasaka Games

Written by: Mark Tasaka
Art by: Mark Tasaka

softcover + PDF format

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