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From DCC Day 2021! Three all-new adventures!

This year’s release contains three new adventures: “Temple Siege” for DCC by Julian Bernick, “Fathoms Beneath Witch Isle” for DCC Dying Earth by Marc Bruner, and “The Neverwhen Rock” for MCC by Bob Brinkman.

For DCC RPG, Temple Siege is a level 1 adventure where all the action takes place in a single room. It’s an atypical adventure full of surprises that will keep your players guessing.

For DCC Dying Earth, Fathoms Below Witch Isle is the first published adventure set in the world of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth. This level 1 ad- venture starts with the party traveling as passengers aboard an unusual ship driven by huge sailing worms. They must survive sea demons, a shipwreck, and capture at the hands of the strange inhabitants of an underwater isle who seek to use them as sacrifices to a bizarre fiend who plagues their home.

For Mutant Crawl Classics, The Neverwhen Rock is a new level 0 funnel adventure. It is time for the primitive party members to undergo their “rite of passage,” which involves exploring unknown parts of their world and returning stronger and wiser (or with artifacts in hand). This adventure can also connect back to the MCC adventure in last year’s DCC Day Adventure Starter.


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Rules SetDCC RPG, DCC Dying Earth, and MCC RPG

Writers: Julian Bernick, Marc Bruner, and Bob Brinkman
Cover Art: Russ Nicholson

PDF format