DCC Character Sheet Pocket Folders (Set of 5)


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Glorious folders that are perfect for holding your DCC or MCC characters!

Needing a way to keep your character sheets organized? These folders are the perfect tool to keep things in order. Sporting Peter Mullen’s fantastic variant art from an earlier printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook on the front and rows of DCC skulls on the back, the card-stock folder can be used in a variety of means. Have notes you need to store? It can do it. Do you want to hide the cover of the module you’re running to surprise your players? Yep, it can do that, too. Need to reference a couple of tables for your character? Yes, you can even do that!

And you don’t just get a single folder. Each order will send you five of these folders. Keep them all or share with your friends!