Danger in the Deep


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There’s Danger in the Deepand with it… treasure beyond imagining!

Beneath the earth, where the sun is just a story recited from long ago… things… dwell, and covet their own treasures not known of on the lighted surface, dare you seek them and challenge… Danger in the Deep?

A new Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure written by Daniel Bishop and published by Purple Duck Games, the exciting Danger in the Deep is a 2nd level module where your party of four-to-eight intrepid spelunkers descend into the depths in search of treasure and find far more than they bargained for! For things grow in the depths that surface dwellers will marvel at and be amazed…

Danger in the Deep includes a detailed Judge’s map and a blank player’s map, room descriptions and loads of beautiful art depicting the strange denizens of the deeps. Appendices describe the new possible patron, Gul, the Old Darkness, and the amazing eternal artifacts, Cold Stone and Running Water, mysterious items for players to seek and discover their doom!

A Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure for level 2 characters.

purple-duck-logoPublished by: Purple Duck Games

Written by: Daniel J. Bishop
Art by: Brett Neufeld 
Cartography: Daniel J. Bishop