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What is the D-Total, you ask? It’s the dice that only one company in the industry would have the courage to bring to market. The D-Total is an oversized hollow 24-sided die that can simulate ANY polyhedron result from 2-sided up to 100-sided. The die is printed with an incredibly complex array of symbols, shapes, and numbers. If you utilize the included two-page instruction sheet and apply significant amounts of patience, you can use this die to replace your entire collection of dice.

Reviewing the samples and two pages of instructions inspired the Goodman Games creative staff to utter such phrases as these:

“Yeah, I’m getting mad just looking at that.”
“It’s like math homework.”
“Every time I look at it I get a headache.”
“I know I should do it but it feels painful.”
“I want to somehow use it in an adventure but it’s like making a dentist appointment.”

This is the WHITE version of the d-Total

You can find the red d-total here, and the black d-total here.