D.A.M.N. Magazine: DCC Adventure Magazine and News — Autumn 2017 Issue


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An adventure and news magazine for and by the DCC Community

The second issue of DAMN Magazine with all new content, adventures and news! Includes: While the Gods Laugh (Level 10 funnel? Must be seen to believed), Duel at Midora Temple (Level 0 adventure in a fantastical Japanese-esque setting), Attack of the Frozen Fuhrer (Level 3 Nowhere City Nights adventure), the Swashbuckler class, Nalfeshnee, Lord of the Pigs (patron), Previews of Operation Unfathomable – DCC edition, and Angels, Daemons and Beings Between — Elfland Edition, and Flammable Hospital. And as always, third-party and community news that you crave!

mystic-logoPublished by: Mystic Bull Games

Written by: Marc Bruner, Paul Wolfe, Julian Bernick, James Spahn, Dave Persinger, Jason Sholtis, and James Pozenel
Art by: Thomas Novosel (cover), David Fisher, Dave Persinger, Doug Kovacs, Jason Sholtis, Stefan Poag, Marc Bruner, Matthew Ray and Paul Wolfe

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