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Crepuscular #1: Sanctum of the Snail - Print + PDF

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Unfortunate souls fight egophages on the Nigh-Infinite Stairwell

Triumph Over the Grave, a 0-level funnel-crawl

The last thing you remember is dying. In fact it’s the only thing you remember. You have a vague recollection of your name and knowledge of your professional skills, more instinct and reflex than memory. But your death, that memory is vivid and crystal clear. Now you find yourself crawling out of some kind of shiny black pod made from rapidly decaying material that feels like fingernails. You are naked and soaked in amniotic fluid, and you see several other people crawling from several other pods in the same state.

Included inside the pages:

  • Triumph Over the Grave, a 0-level funnel-crawl
  • A visitor’s guide to Xöhma-Ghül, the Crepuscular City
  • Two new classes, the Moribund and the Rakehell
  • The Adventures of Moonblosson & Chance
  • 12 Henchmen for hire
  • And more!

Sixty pages in glorious color from Joshua LH Burnett.

Published by: JLHB Polytechnic

Written by: Joshua LH Burnett
Art by: Joshua LH Burnett

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