Crawling Under a Broken Moon Compilation – Hardcover Edition + PDF


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Contained within this mighty tome is all 18 issues of the Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine.

What you will find inside:

  • Over 70 new post-apocalyptic monsters to plague your players.
  • Two full adventures and several adventure locations set in Umerica.
  • 15 new PC classes – Aetherian Hero, Battle Chanter, Clownight, Cro-Mentalist, Cyborg, Feral Urchin, Gray, Hologram, Hybird, Mutant, Petrol Head, Robo-Priest, Sky-Sneak, Sorceraptor, & Technologist.
  • And tons of random tables to create your own adventures, find strange artifacts, and generally make life weirder for your campaign.

Over 500 pages of Umerican post-apocalyptic goodness unaltered from their original publication!

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.


This is a Digest-Sized Hardcover volume.

Published by: Shield of Faith Studios
Written by: Reid San Filippo
Guest Authors: Anna Costa, Benjamin Baugh, Bob Brinkman, Chris Tamm, Daniel J. Bishop, David Baity, David VC, Diogo Nogueira, Eric Fabiaschi, Jon Carnes, Kevin Searle, Nate Marcel, Quinn Coffman, R. Dale Bailey, Jr, Ryan Moore, Sean Ellis, Talon Waite, and Tim Bruns
Edited By: David VC, G. Scott Swift, Gilbert Isla, Jason Bossert, Noah Stevens, Paul Wolfe, and Sean Ellis
Compilation Cover and Layout by: Matt Hildebrand
Original Cover Art by: Aaron “Nunkeymutts”, Brad Morris, Claytonian JP, James Yoder, Lee Anthony Deadpoolrus DeviantArt (CC BY SA3), Matt Hildebrand, Reid San Filippo, Sarah Richardson, Stu Rase, and Todd McGowan
Original Interior Art by: Aaron “Nunkeymutts”, Anna Costa, Brad Morris, Claytonian, CY, David Coppoletti, David Wayne Lutz, Diogo Nogueira, Frank Turfler Jr., Fred Dailey, H-Box, Hovig ghostontheshell DeviantArt CC BY-SA3, James Yoder, Lee Anthony Deadpoolrus DeviantArt (CC BY SA3), Mark Bulahao DeviantArt (CC BY ND3), Matt Hildebrand, Matt Jordan, Matthew Zatkoff, Maxime “ChaosFeeder” Beaulac, DeviantArt (CC BY-ND 3.0), Mitchell Hudson, Naam (, Nate Marcel, Ray Otus, Reid San Filippo, Richard Tingley, Rick Kammer, Sarah Richardson, and Todd McGowan