Crawling Under a Broken Moon #8


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In this issue you will discover the first half of the Apocalypse Alphabet, letters A-M!

  • A is for Aliens
  • B is for Barter Goods
  • C is for Computers
  • D is for Decay and Ruin
  • E is for Edibles
  • F is for Factions
  • G is for Garbage
  • H is for Hazards
  • I is for Inhospitable Places
  • J is for Junkyard Gadgets
  • K is for Keys & Klaxons
  • L is for Laboratories
  • M is for Mutants

SOFS_LogoPublished by: Shield of Faith Studios
Written by: Reid San Filippo, Ryan Moore, R. Dale Bailey Jr., Eric Fabiaschi
Edited by: David VC
Cover art: Nate Marcel
Interior art: James Yoder, Nate Marcel, Frank Turfler, Matt Hildebrand, Claytonian JP, Diogo Nogueira, Fred Dailey

Zine format, 28 pages

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