Crawling Under a Broken Moon #6


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In this issue you will discover the following:

Far in the northern reaches of Umerica lay the lands of Aetheria where the Masters of Castle Oldskull do fierce battle with the lich Skull-Or and his mighty minions!

  • New class: the Petrol Head
  • New rules: Vehicle combat!
  • New gear: Vehicle creation rules
  • New foes: the Petrol Zombie and a Road Gang Generator
  • New hazards: d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways

SOFS_LogoPublished by: Shield of Faith Studios
Written by: Reid San Filippo, Chris Tamm, R. Dale Bailey Jr., Sean Ellis
Edited by: Jason Bossert, Noah Stevens, Sean Ellis, Paul Wolfe
Cover art: Claytonian JP
Interior art: Frank Turfler Jr., Todd McGowan, Matt Hildebrand, James Yoder, Maxime “ChaosFeeder” Beaulac, David Wayne Lutz

Zine format, 28 pages

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