Crawling Under a Broken Moon #10


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This issue contains 13 new monsters with adventure hooks to drop them into your existing campaign!

  • Aetherian War Cat
  • Bowel Tyrant
  • Concrete Giant
  • Deathbot
  • Flying Laser Ursine
  • Fruiti-Slush Ooze
  • Jack-O-rang-utan
  • Necrocornicon
  • Orbus
  • Twisted Horrors
  • Xenotaur
  • Zilla
  • Zmooph

SOFS_LogoPublished by: Shield of Faith Studios
Written by: Reid San Filippo, Kevin Searle & Ryan Moore
Edited by: Sean Ellis, David VC
Cover art: James Yoder, Lee Anthony, Deadpoolrus DeviantArt (CC BY SA3)
Interior art: Lee Anthony, Deadpoolrus DeviantArt (CC BY SA3), Mark Bulahao DeviantArt (CC BY ND3), Reid San Filippo, Brad Morris, Nate Marcel, Claytonian, James Yoder

Zine format, 28 pages