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The Curwen Family have lived up among the pine woods on the outskirts of Arwich Village for as long as the oldest village gaffers can remember. The beautiful Bessie Curwen’s bonnet is found in a strange creature’s grasp. The village owes much to her family, so someone must go up into the dark pine-clad hills to make sure that the Curwens are all right. After all, the Curwens saved the village from starvation two winters ago. If you do not go, who will?

The Arwich Grinder is a Lovecraftean 0-level funnel for the DCC RPG written by Daniel J. Bishop.

What in the name of heaven or hell could be happening up there?

Also included, But He Sure Had Guts!, a gruesome short encounter.


Published by: Straycouches Press

Written by: Daniel J. Bishop
Art by: Mario T.
Edited by: Rev. Dak J. Ultimak
Cartography by: Sean Poppe
Playtesters: Heather Bishop. Morgan Clayton, Sheldon Moskowitz, Tamara Dippel, and Walter Weber

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