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Between your ADVENTURERS and what they think is their TREASURE are Monsters. Monsters, and more Monsters!

  • In this issue be Monsters!
  • Monsters with Class-like features!
  • The ORC as a monsterous Player Class!
  • A cheat sheet for quick monster stats!
  • Different takes on some standard monsters!
  • Quick Wandering Monster Tables!
  • and, or course, some new monsters!


Published by: Straycouches Press

Written by: Rev Dak J. Ultimak, Shane Clements, Sean Ellis, Jeff Rients, Jeremy Deram, Brad Littman, Colin Chapman
Art by: Mitchell Hudson, Jason Adams, Daniel J Bishop, Count Spatula, Tomi Baranya, John Becaro
Edited by: Brad Littman, Rev. Dak J. Ultimak

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