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Complete Guide to Velociraptors – PDF


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Velociraptors are not the largest dinosaurs, nor the strongest, nor the scariest. A tyrannosaur can eat a tribe of velociraptors for dinner, a brachiosaur shakes the earth with every footstep, and a kronosaur can swallow a boat whole. Yet velociraptors are the most feared of all dinosaurs, for a single reason: they are smarter than humans. Homo sapiens’ tool-using opposable thumb is its only advantage over velociraptor mongoliensis. But in game worlds where raptors can observe humans and their tools, the raptors learn quickly, and the advantages of a thumb diminish with every passing day.

This book offers a complete guide to velociraptors. It covers everything you need to role play them in your campaign: social structure, cultural habits, combat strategies, and guidelines for creating individuals and tribes. There are three new character classes, nine raptor-specific feats, two raptor-specific creature templates, a fully-designed raptor tribe (including all stats and a mapped-out den), and a thorough analysis on how to play raptors to their fullest potential.

If you’ve ever wanted to include history’s most cunning predator in your game, this is your chance. The Complete Guide to Velociraptors is a stand-alone supplement that offers an exhaustive look at velociraptors. This book is world-neutral, so it can be used with a Broncosaurus Rex campaign, or ported to any other d20 world. It features:

  • Full background on velociraptors, including history, beliefs, shamanistic powers, detailed tribal structures, and relationships with humans and other dinosaurs – “the ecology of velociraptors,” so to speak.
  • Inventive raptor-specific combat tactics that maximize their native speed and cunning.
  • Rules for playing velociraptor characters, including raptor-specific classes and feats, plus templates for NPC’s.
  • A fully developed velociraptor tribe ready for insertion into any campaign, as well as extensive scenario hooks and adventure ideas.
  • Supplemental material online, including magic rules.