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Complete Guide to T-Rex – PDF


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No real-life creature has stoked the flames of imagination more than tyrannosaurus rex. Since its discovery a century ago, T-rex has served as a constant reminder of human frailty. Not only does its massive mouth belittle mankind (its jaws are, after all, as long as a man is tall), but its Earthly reign makes us pitifully insignificant. Homo sapiens has walked the Earth for a mere 100,000 years — but tyrannosaurus rex ruled for six million years.

Dragons were real, and they were called T-rex. The Complete Guide to T-rex gives you the rules and background you need to put these real-life dragons in your d20 game. By the time you’re done reading, T-rex won’t be a dumb lizard; it will be an intelligent conqueror that forms alliances, remembers treachery, and builds dynasties that span generations.

We have taken a few fantastic liberties with T-rex. The standard T-rex is present, of course, in both the forms that history has known it: the sluggish, tail-dragging version painted by Charles Knight, and the modern, fleet-footed version depicted in Jurassic Park. But we go even further than that. (This is a fantasy game, after all.) Modern reptiles continue growing their entire lives. What if T-rex was the same? What if this king of predators (whose only natural enemies were his T-rex rivals) survived to extreme ages? How large could he get? And what are the implications of the sheer willpower that must reside in such a beast?

The Complete Guide to T-rex is a stand-alone, world-neutral supplement. It can be used with a Broncosaurus Rex campaign, or ported to any other d20 world. Features:

  • Full details on the T-rex dynasties that rule the prehistoric world.
  • Rules for fielding T-rexes of any age, from juveniles to the ancient, massive Tyrant Kings. The Tyrant Kings are those T-rex who have lived so long that they have grown to simply colossal sizes — large enough to swallow a normal T-rex in one gulp.
  • The first explanation of how T-rex’s sheer willpower can give it psionic abilities late in life. Imagine an ancient carnosaur that has ruled the wilderness for hundreds of years. When its physical might begins to decline, it discovers — for the first time — the strength of its mind. While its body was strong, it never needed thought; but as its body weakens, it learns what its mind inherited from its physical strength: an indomitable will. Those Tyrant Kings who live to discover their mental abilities are few in number, but they are dangerous indeed, for they can propel their aging bodies with sheer willpower alone. These are the Tyrant Masters.
  • Brutal T-rex NPC’s and rules for playing T-rex characters, including special T-rex-only feats.
  • Easy to use with any fantasy or science fiction setting.