Complete Guide to Fey – PDF


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The fey races are known for their magic and mystery — but now, for the first time, they’ll be known for what they truly are. The Complete Guide to Fey presents a groundbreaking rules system for tying all the fey races together. Using feats, templates, hosts, and completely new rules, it breaks down all the Monster Manual fey races, rebuilds them, and then ties them into a comprehensive overarching plot where the fate of all the known worlds hangs into the balance. Readers will learn the place of all the fey in this eternal drama, as well as how to craft their own fey races that tie into the ongoing plot. The Complete Guide to Fey is 100% world-neutral and stand-alone, and contains dozens of new monsters, spells, and characters.


  • A holistic approach to fey true to both the d20 system and traditional folklore
  • Rules and background for fey hosts, courts, cycles, and cynosures, which tie together with the standard d20 rules to create a single comprehensive system for creating and playing fey
  • New fey races: grogans, pucks, shee, urchins, and fomori, as well as the fey-shaped template
  • Classes for fey: the fey hero, empyrean, mysterial, horde rider, and twilight warlock
  • Adventures in dreaming: a rules system fully integrated with the background material it’s derived from, resulting in rules that can’t help but encourage role playing and heroic campaigns
  • Completely stand-alone and world-neutral, and also compatible with the Morningstar campaign setting
  • And much more, all of it compatible with the 3.5 revision!

Writer: R. Scott Kennan
Cover Artist: Michael Erickson
Interior Artists: Ilya Astrakhan, Jesus Barony, Tom Galambos, David Griffith, Kennon James, Doug Kovacs, William McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Scott Purdy, Lee Seed, Grey Thornberry