WAREHOUSE FIND – Classic Dungeon Crawl Art Folio – William McAusland – Black and White Edition


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William McAusland is an artist who can combine meticulous detail and great composition into the same picture. As you’ll see in this fantastic portfolio, his renderings are detailed, methodical, and fastidious: every gold piece is visible in the dragon’s hoard, every chain link is clear on the warrior’s armor, and each stone in the dungeon wall is wonderfully rendered.

This portfolio features William’s best work for Goodman Games. Will has been illustrating Dungeon Crawl Classics modules for what seems like an age. His interior art has graced our books since DCC #1: Idylls of the Rat King, and have continued unbound and unhindered through DCC #84: Peril on the Purple Planet and beyond. His full-color images (a few of the best of are covered in this portfolio) have graced many module covers and interior art, including DCC #17: Legacy of the Savage Kings — Harley Stroh’s very first DCC module!

Includes a lengthy interview with the artist in which he cites his influences, drives, and gaming history.

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