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A 20-page level 5 adventure into a cursed cathedral where death is only the beginning!

Among other elements, what makes Cathedral of the Undying a unique adventure is that PCs will not initially die when killed. A force is bringing them back to life, but also one step closer towards becoming a mindless undead! PCs imagining this is a form of invulnerability may soon discover they have permanently joined the creatures of the night.

As in many of Studio 9 Games DCC adventures, there are visual puzzles for players to solve. The enigmas of three high priests who have shared a single holy site leave mysteries to unravel! PCs will have to make hard choices about the living and the dead, which is complicated by the necromantic curse blurring the line between the two. Allies and enemies may bear a shared visage.

Will the PCs succumb to the TRICKS within the Cathedral and join the legion of the grave, OR will they stop the ritual and TREAT the forces of darkness to sorcery, steel, sanctity, and savvy? The final barrier just might be their own shadowy selves!

This 20-page level 5 adventure is created for Dungeon Crawl Classics

Published by: Studio 9 Games

Written by: C. Aaron Kreader
Art by: C. Aaron Kreader
Editors: Heidi Parsons, & Thorin “Son Ov Thrain” Thompson

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