Castles & Crusades: Palace of Shadows – PDF


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A world of heroism and epic adventure lives inside each of us. We can all imagine a world where stalwart knights battle ancient dragons, powerful wizards duel one another with mighty magics, and the brave-of-heart rescue mystic artifacts from the clutches of evil villains. With the Castles & Crusades roleplaying game from Troll Lord Games, you can take the role of a hero seeking adventure in a fantastic world populated by mythic creatures and legendary beasts. Or, as the Castle Keeper, you can design the worlds and stories that make up the game, guiding friends and fellow gamers through epic adventures in your own wondrous settings.

An all-new adventure for the C&C system! The heroes are hired by a wealthy noble in exile to save his long-lost father, a king imprisoned in the tower of the wizard Egarim. First they must traverse a dangerous swamp and overcome a fearsome black dragon to reach Egarim’s tower. They’ll face deadly traps, ingenious riddles, and heinous monsters collected from all over the world until they find the missing king trapped within a crystal sphere!

Writer: Chris Rutkowsky
Cover Artist: Pablo Palomeque