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Soar across the endless void in a magical metal behemoth. See the shimmering Bands and visit the Elaborate Crystal Palace!

The akashic titans are magically-powered metal behemoths that soar across the endless Bands in their journey from world to world. This 80-page zine, written and illustrated by Leighton Connor, gives you the tools you need to incorporate the akashic titans into your Dungeon Crawl Classics games. In addition to giving an overview of the titans and the Bands, Akashic Titan provides two settings: Starnheim, a port city for the titans that can be dropped into any fantasy world, and the Elaborate Crystal Palace of the Jale Band.

Also included are new monsters (such as the Stellar Squid, the Stowaway, and the Living Constellation), spells, NPCs, the Akashic Pilot character class, and random tables.

Publisher: Spandangle Press

Written by: Leighton Connor
Art by: Leighton Connor