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Metamorphosis Alpha was created by James M. Ward, and published by TSR in 1976. Metamorphosis Alpha was the first science fiction role-playing game. Then, in 2014, Goodman Games republished an expanded and remastered version of the First Edition Metamorphosis Alpha rules in a Deluxe Collector’s Edition volume. In addition, Goodman Games released a number of new adventures and rules supplements that expand upon the game’s foundation that Mr. James M. Ward created.

In 2017, James M. Ward and Goodman Games released the Metamorphosis Alpha – Epsilon City boxed set. Epsilon City was the single largest habitation on board the Warden. It contained entertainment centers, apartments, and offices for all the people moving about the ship during the long voyage. This huge expansion for the starship Warden is the biggest expansion ever published for the original 1976 Metamorphosis Alpha game. The updated Adventure & Resource Index now covers the entire Epsilon City boxed set, as well as James M. Ward’s system-neutral Sci-Fi adventures Dark Visitor, Dark Outpost, and Dark Colony!

This Metamorphosis Alpha Adventure & Resource Supplement Index pulls together under one cover a topical listing of all of the game content that comprises the body of official works released to date for the First Edition Metamorphosis Alpha rules. The Index presents the game content alphabetically under the following categories:

  • Gear & Gizmos
  • Monsters
  • Mutations
  • NPCS
  • Weapons
  • Tables and Other Miscellany

Metamorphosis Alpha Adventure & Resource Supplement Index, Issue #1 – July 2016

Compiled by: Jon Hershberger
Cover Illustration: Maciej Zagorski, published by The Forge Studios
Interior Art by: Maciej Zagorski, published by The Forge Studios, JEShields, and some artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission