Dark Tower

2021 Holiday Module: The Feast of the Gobbler Witch – PDF


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A 0-level adventure funnel for DCC RPG! 


A fanatical, starving colony is in turmoil and looking for someone to blame for their hardships! When the PCs are accused of causing the crops to fail, there becomes only one means to stay their death sentences: face the dangers of their savage island and recover the Holy Scythe of Mayflower stolen by the witch Abutit. If the PCs are successful, a ceremony of thanks will be served n their honor. If they fail, they will find themselves unwilling participants in the blood feast of the Gobbler Witch.

Includes a new, alternate character creation system using a single d4 to create your new PC.

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Writer: Stephen Newton
Cover art: Stefan Poag

PDF format