Official Results, DCC RPG Open Tournament Gen Con 2014

The Seven Pits of Sezrekan

Goodman Games, DCC RPG, and tournament organizer Harley Stroh are proud to announce the winners of this year’s DCC RPG 2014 tournament!

The Seven Pits of Sezrekan was a unique 0-level funnel, and our most brutal tournament ever. Over 4 sessions of “drop-in play,” there were 136 sittings and an average of 30+ players per session. The tournament judging was based on zero-level characters surviving as many encounters as possible.

After hours and hours of deadly peasant escapades, the winning players had all survived 8 encounters. The only solution to this tie-breaker? Dice-off!

The winning players, and their trophies, are:

  • Wayne Snyder, Wizard Mocker
  • Travis Lerol, Corpse Sitter
  • Tad Kilgore, Grave Digger

Congratulations to all who faced the Seven Pits of Sezrekan!