New Dice and Third Party Products

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Vol 2, Issue 2
Preorder three new sets of dice!

Three new sets of DCC RPG dice made their debut at Gen Con 2016, and
they are now wending their way between worlds to this one. Place your
name upon the Scroll of Preorder,
and the stones of your choice will arrive at your domicile at the
moment destiny has foretold. The dice come in three varieties, each with
their own curious qualities:

Chuck’s Lucky Dice

These are the very dice used by Chuck Plimpton in his tavern games.
He is reputed to be quite lucky, and if you doubt that, you should know
that Chuck made it back from the land of the dead!
He had a set of these dice on his person at the time, and while the
dice probably had nothing to do with it, can you afford to take that

Chuck’s Lucky Dice are green with gold numbers. Preorder now!

Alamanter’s Extraspacial Angularities

These dice were created by Alamanter the Violet during his studies in the city of Ciz.
Each die draws upon the power of extra-dimensional space to randomly
determine numbers. It is said that under the right conditions they can
roll numbers that don’t even exist!

Alamanter’s Extraspacial Angularities are violet with silver numbers. Preorder now!

Sezrekan’s Sanguivorous Solids

These are the most dangerous dice ever created. The evil Sezrekan
trapped in each the soul of a creature from the depths of the infernal
realms, and these creatures crave blood! Whether it be your blood or the
blood of your enemies, they care not! Beware fumbling with these dice!

Sezrekan’s Sanguivorous Solids are many-colored. Preorder now!

The dice will ship after December 1. The last time we offered dice, they sold out very quickly. We are using preorder numbers to decide how many dice we’re keeping around for future orders, and how many we’re sending to retailers. To ensure you get some, make sure you place a preorder!

Buy third party products in our online store!
Many more outstanding DCC RPG products from third party publishers have landed in our online store! A wealth of strange worlds and an assortment of adventure await you! In additional to all the publishers that were already there, you can now get books from:
Play with us at an upcoming World Tour convention!

Don’t forget that you can get free swag if you run DCC games! Or you can get swag by playing with our famous judges at these
upcoming cons:

  • Gamehole Con (November 4-6 in Madison, WI): Doug Kovacs, Brendan LaSalle, and Jim Wampler will be attending Gamehole con. Gamehole Con features the announcement of the Rodney Award
    winners- make sure to attend to be the first to know! 
  • U-Con (November 11-13 in Ypsilanti, MI): Brendan LaSalle will be at U-Con, doing all those things that Brendan does.
  • Nerdlouvia (November 12-13, in Louisville, KY): Dieter Zimmerman will be running DCC RPG playtests at Nerdlouvia.


Generate DCC RPG characters with these new tools!
Old School Adventures has several new DCC RPG character generators for you to easily make characters of any level! So far these generators are complete:

Try them out and let Old School Adventures know what you think!

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