Mountain King Adventure Path

The Ul Dominor Mountains…

Home to dwarves, dragons, and dweomers older than the world itself. Climb their high peaks, feel the bite of their bitter wind on your skin, and take your first step on an adventure path spanning back to the dawn of the Known Realms!


DCC #54: Forges of the Mountain King

Your adventures begin with DCC #54: Forges of the Mountain King. Ages past, a clan of dwarves forged an unholy alliance with infernal powers. Once more the powers beneath the mountain threaten the North, as agents of the Mountain stir the embers of a long dead mystery.

DCC #57: Wyvern Mountain

Press higher into the Ul Dominor peaks in DCC #57: Wyvern Mountain. Tales of a dread white dragon, long thought slain, are carried on the whistling wind. Who will dare to scale the lofty peaks and seek the truth of the whispered rumors? Only the most courageous (and cunning) will return from the summit of fell Mount Wyvern.

DCC #61: Citadel of the Corruptor

The third chapter in the Mountain King adventure path brings the heroes face to face with madness in DCC #61: Citadel of the Corruptor. The agents of the Mountan King have a powerful new weapon that twists minds and souls alike, leaving naught but death and destruction in its wake. Can the heroes possibly prevail where any army has failed, or will Lord Ablair the Corruptor carry the day?

Once completing the Heroic Arc in the Mountain King Adventure Path, prepare yourself to be tested atop the icy, wind-swept Ul Dominors themselves, where giants rule the day and even dragons must bow their scaled heads before the all mighty Mountain King!