Fighting Fantasy - PBEM Campaign

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Fighting Fantasy - PBEM Campaign

Post by bwatford » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:37 pm

I am starting up a PBEM campaign based on the old Fighting Fantasy Book series.

A Play-By-Email RPG adventures with simplified rules.
The adventures will be multiple choice per turn with simple combat rules.
Each player will be allowed one turn per day. Or if combat up to 10 rounds per day. This makes it easy for everyone to play without investing more time out of a already busy schedule.

If you would like to play, visit our campaign page below, read the rules and use the sign-up button.

The first game will be called In The Footsteps Of A Hero and the synopsis is below.

Please do not share what has happened in the story with other players until everyone has completed the story/adventure.

In The Footsteps Of A Hero

Adventure has forever been a distant thought for one like you. You are not a Warrior. You are not a Wizard. You are simply a young lad working at the stables in Port Blacksand, under the care of your guardian, the stableman.

A kind and goodly fellow, the stableman has looked after you for more than a decade, teaching you to ride and take care of horses. You have worked hard, receiving only meagre wages for your exhausting duties. But you have no complaint, for the stableman, himself, is scratching a living. Nonetheless, you are still well fed and allowed to stay in a small living area above the stables, which is ultimately better than the grubby inns Blacksand can offer. Best of all, the stables overlook a training ground.

Some time ago, a sergeant of the despicable City Guard, deemed it necessary to train and discipline Lord Azzur’s troops. The idea didn't get very far, of course. Most of the soldiers merely lazed around or sat yawning with boredom till each session was over. The sergeant left the city without ever knowing of his greatest pupil.

From a young age, you have dreamt of an adventurous life in the outside world but felt too unprepared. In the time you had to spare, you would constantly spy on the training ground from your window upstairs when a session was in progress. You watched, learned then practiced the art of swordplay and combat maneuvers in the confines of your room.

Years passed. Now, growing into adulthood, you find that your arduous work has built up your strength and confidence. What’s more, you require less sleep to regain energy, and that means more hours to continue your self-training. Soon you will be ready to join the world’s heroes on a path of adventure.

First off you will need to supply me with a name and we will be off on our adventure.

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