Any idea on a release date?

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Re: Any idea on a release date?

Post by Aethelwulf22 »

dancross wrote:The quickstart will be ready for download by the beginning of next week! It includes an adventure too for would-be GMs to try out with their groups.
Ordered mine direct from you guys as I wasn't sure when it would hit the UK. I then found out it hit the UK later the same day so I ordered another one from an online UK store (I figured it's a great price and you can never have enough core rulebooks as there are always players who don't bother)...but the joys of the UK postal system mean I still haven't got a copy yet!! So when is the quickstart going to be available so I can whet my appetite?
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Re: Any idea on a release date?

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Finally got my copies and have started to read. Looks good so far! :D
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