Blaster question

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Blaster question

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I'm loving the new book, but I have a rules question about the Blaster class. How do you determine their repertoire of prepared spells? If I'm reading it correctly (and please correct me if I'm not), they can use their spell slots to cast whatever spells they currently have prepared. But I'm not seeing any chart or guideline as to how many spells they can have prepared at a time, just guidelines on how to swap out spells in that list or how to add spells to their spellbook.
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Re: Blaster question

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Hey DJ,

First let me apologize for this super slow reply - I had an adventure due and then had to scramble to get it together for Gamehole Con (Which was AWESOME, by the way!).

No excuses!

Okay, your Blaster gets new spells like a wizard. I regret now not saying it implicitly but that means he gains a new spell for his book automatically every time he levels up.

In addition he can add more spells to his book through standard arcane research. It works a little differently in the NAE, because magic is tightly regulated and controlled. The changes to spell research are listed on page 30 - there is a description of where in the NAE blasters have to go to add new spells to their book.

The list of how many spells they can have prepared at any given time is on page 25, Blaster Spells Per Day.

Hope that helps!

be well,

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