ToEE in Greyhawk

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ToEE in Greyhawk

Post by vestcoat »

Hi Goodman Games, I love the OAR line so far. Just one request: please keep the Temple of Elemental Evil's ties to Greyhawk strong. I see its Greyhawk roots have already been omitted from the front and backcovers. I was sad to see that the new material in OAR #3 Barrier Peaks was either strictly generic, or suggested Forgotten Realms factions.

ToEE is a flagship Greyhawk adventure. Please stay true to that :)
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Re: ToEE in Greyhawk

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Hi vestcoat,

Just wanted to say that, at least at the time of this writing, the plan is to include references to Greyhawk gods and such. The 5e translation material is usable in any campaign world or setting, but I personally consider both Hommlet and the Temple historically linked to the Greyhawk setting and that drives many of my design choices.
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Re: ToEE in Greyhawk

Post by qstor »

The module might be written already but there's a great thread on forums on ToEE and various "tidbits" ... 33&t=57795
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