Gang Lords of Lankhmar

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Gang Lords of Lankhmar

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Dusk falls on the city, casting everything into hazy, malodorous, darkness from which there was no escape. At least, not in this part of town.

After roughing up some local would-be thugs outside the Dogfish Tavern, the party was able to determine that the pit fighting at the old slave barracks is nothing more than an attempt by the Scuttlers to steal money from King Korvul! The problem is getting the schedule down and catching them in the act.

After nearly a week of watching the comings and goings of the ruins, the night of the fight was upon them and it is finally time for the Scuttlers to be shown the way out of town.

At first, the party stayed at the outside of the gathering inside the barracks, some 80 or so people of different backgrounds all participating in the event in one way or another. Bookies, vendors, fighters, and the usual observers and, of course, petty thieves were among the crowd. Choosing to carefully scout the group to determine just who is handling the money and where it is ending up when the contests are completed for the evening.

If the thief had not been so enamored by that houri in the crowd and losing his entire coin purse, they would have had more time. But the thief reacted foolishly and they had to speed up their plans. The wizard saw the man with the longsword and his four body guards and attempted to cast a spell in order to incapacitate him, but the spell never went off. The warrior charged in boldly and in one swing took down one of the thugs. The leader, who some called "The Cat", rushed the thief giving time for two of his body guards and the slaves to make off with the chest. The poor thief couldn't match The Cat and was gravely wounded, though not entirely out of the fight.

The warrior then turned to the one remaining thug and critically wounds him with another piercing blow from his spear. The wizard attempts to invoke some help from his patron, but The Cat is quicker on the draw. He cuts the wizard down hard and makes his way out of the barracks to follow the money chest. The thief has no choice but to let him escape in order to tend to the wizard.

Unsure if the Scuttlers were stopped or not, the party retreats to the Grind House in order to recover and regroup to see the results of their attempt at thwarting the Scuttlers...
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