My 2nd road crew game (Tower of the Black Pearl session 1)

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My 2nd road crew game (Tower of the Black Pearl session 1)

Post by Meadhelm » Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:42 pm

Group B Game notes

Tower of the Black Pearl: Session 1 (9/1/2020)

Local legends about the underwater tower of the mad mage and his legendary treasure the black pearl, turned out to be more than just tall tales!

An ancient drunken pirate swore on his remaining teeth and told the tale about how this very night the tower would be reachable again and not for another decade!

Stripling adventurers and drunken bar goers dreaming of treasure took hasty action and took the old pirate up on his offer to navigate them to the Tower in an oar-ship which one of the crowd, its unclear who, claimed belonged to their uncle.
Another boat and a pirate crew had already beat them to the tower!

Blackheel took first blood slaying one pirate in a single blow!  And Gideon likewise slew another!  After slaying 2 of the three pirates left behind to guard the entrance, the third was given the option to surrender, which he gladly took, fleeing on the pirate oarship.

After some puzzlement, and futile attempts at lockpicking, and then smashing the door, the rooftop door was opened by Cob the Cleric (formerly Cob the Corn Farmer), and the crew descended, a few staying behind on the boat and tower in case reinforcement should, or perhaps waiting for the wine to wear off more before descending.

The room with candles was left intact as they descended to the spiral stairway, and Torven proceeded to promptly whack the first statue seen there, presumably offended by the workmanship of the stone statues and not because of some other in explicable inkling, this led to a protracted fight with the statues, but in the end only minor injuries to the party.  Blackheel and Gideon also having acquitted themselves quite manfully in battle.

Then a gap in the stairway led to Kirk falling and being injured as he fell short, likely due to an ill timed dwarvish fart from Torven,, the dwarf who almost suffered the same fate, as after he jumped across the stairs on the other side gave way and crumbled, but was prudently tied to the priest who managed to keep hold of him and lower him safely with some help.  The rest of the party decided to just climb the rope down, which was somewhat easier than jumping the now enlarged gap.

The room with dragon arched portals puzzled the party for sometime until Cob recalled the legendary sorcerers' greediness for blood (after he had went mad, according to tales), and shed blood on the sigil activating the portal.

As the party: stepped through the portal, they were greeted by the unwelcome sight of 5 pirates ready and waiting in ambush!
Andy (Gideon and Harrow)
Snake (Cob and Torven)
Zuul (Blackheel and Kirk)

Thanks so much everyone!

To be continued next time, Tuesday Sept. 15 - SAME BAT TIME. SAME BAT CHANNEL!
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Much time was given to character creation, especially since 3 people dropped from the game last minute (well one was only 'iffy' to be begin with) so I had each player make two characters and encouraged them to spend their starting equipment. Now that all the maps and charcters are in roll20 I hope to get much further in the next session!

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Re: My 2nd road crew game (Tower of the Black Pearl session 1)

Post by Vort » Thu Sep 03, 2020 9:56 pm

Great stories, Meadhelm, thanks for coming by to post them. Keep it up! (I've fallen horribly behind on my road reports.)
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Re: My 2nd road crew game (Tower of the Black Pearl session 1)

Post by Meadhelm » Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:55 pm

Tower of the Black Pearl (Session 2 9/15/2020)

The pirates were utterly outmatched and overconfident and their ambush was swiftly thrown to ruin.
In the room east of the portal exit the heroes found several canopic jars with gold plated organs. Blackheel took a gold plated heart, and Torven peeled the gold plating from a desiccated pair of lungs, the original organs inside having long since turned to dust. A golden bowl with long dried blood was also taken. Kirk located a signs of secret door but no amount of slamming against it by the warriors could budge it.

Returning to the portal room and following a long winding passage of stairs cut into the stone ground, leading to a magically lit dock on an underground lake. A boat poled along by a ghostly boatman pulled up to the dock, and the fare was paid by each with gold coins, a gold plated heart, and finally some copper coins, all of which was tossed over the side of the boat by the silent boatman.

Gliding along the underground lake, the passed under a rotten old wood and top bridge before coming to another dock on the far shore of the lake, only to be met by the infamous prate Savage Quenn and more of his crew. This time both sides elected to parley and agreed to join forces and split the treasure evenly.

The pirates had been trying to figure out how to a giant metal pair of double doors on the shore, which Kirk the Thief figured out and was able to unlock. This door lead to a large room with a pile of bones in the middle with tiny holes in the floor and ceiling, and stairs on the far side.

(Some confusion was had after this area as the maps I found online didn’t actually follow the module super closely after this point, in the later rooms the map designer had clearly modified the layout probably in order to avoid the bridge which connected certain rooms, but later added a map with said bridge without accounting for how the rooms connected.)

After examining the room for a little while the doors slammed shut, resulting in the death of one of the pirates who tried jump back out as the doors closed. The room began to fill with water and the party was forced to go up the stairs which ended in a rusty iron door with an impaled skeleton in from of it. The skeleton dropped to the floor as the trap-spear receded, and looked to be wearing some surprisingly high quality chainmail. While some of the PCs debated taking it one of the pirates snatched it.

Blackheel the warrior burst through the smaller rusty iron door with a running start, and the party was now on a balcony overlooking the lake attached to the previously spotted rotten bridge. Torven was nearly lost to the rotten bridge, but having been tied to Cob he was able to have his fall arrested and hauled back up.

Crossing the bridge, the party and pirates entered the tome of Sezrekan. The room was heavily searched as was the sarcophagus, Savage Quenn and Blackheel ended up with fist sized rubies shaped like dragon eyes, and Cob with a golden crown. A secret passage was revelealed leading them back to the canopic jar room and from the back to the portal which Brough them here…
sarcophagus.png (158.65 KiB) Viewed 335 times
The Black Pearl is so close within their reach they can practically taste it!

Snake (Cob and Torven)
Zuul (Blackheel and Kirk)
NPC (Gideon)

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Re: My 2nd road crew game (Tower of the Black Pearl session 1)

Post by Mat Mobile » Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:31 am

Thanks for sharing! It also gave me an idea for an upcoming campaign.

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