My first Roadcrew game (Roll20)

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My first Roadcrew game (Roll20)

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Group A Game Notes

Game 1: Portal under the stars!
Well, thank you, everyone!  And thanks for bearing with me that I logged on 6 minutes late, as I had a last minute phone call to attend.
I was lucky enough to have 3 awesome players: Austin, Steve K., and Steve B.!
Each player received 4 pre-gens made from purple sorcerer with these settings:
Tatterdemalion's Heroes, Reroll 1 for HP, Minimum +1 bonus for birth augur
Warning - spoilers!
Searing light trap: 0 (that surprised me, but even judge's roll a 1)
Spear-throwing statues: 2
Flame shooting giant statue: 1
Demon Snake Sisssssurag: 1
Piles of bones: 1
Crystal statues: 1
Floor collapse: 3 (narratively)
We ran up against bedtime for myself and several of the player during the showdown with the Clay Army, during what I called the lightning round (narrative only, last five minutes before midnight), it was decided they would retreat, and decided to pick some crystals from the pool as a consolation prize.
After having pried many loose, the pool collapsed, killing 3 PCs.
The three players destroyed the general and found the war wizards stash (lucky roll!).
Treasure yet to be divided was as follows:
* 66 crystals worth (1gp)
* glowing orange crystal ball (200gp)
* bronze rod of rulership (worth 150 gp, can use as a club)
* copper brazier (10 gp)
* weapons:
* longsword,
* long bow,
* 40 arrows with quiver,
* a mace,
* a spear,
* a battle axe,
* a dagger, 
* a hand axe.
* suit of red enameled scale mail.
* tome written in an ancient language
Also Boltok (Steve B.) in your bag with the clay soldiers you swept off the table, you find 4 of the soldiers were actually solid silver, worth 20 GP each.
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