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Home Crew

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:00 pm
by BobtheBarbarian
The following is a copy of of an email I sent to Goodman Games, and they encouraged me to share it on the forums. I don't think there will be any action on this unless there is a groundswell of support and maybe the idea isn't good, but I for one would love to play DCC anyway I can. I have never online role played and may not have all the stuff I need to but I was thinking about sharing my idea anyway as I think it has potential. n Any it is a long letter but let me know what you guys think.

To the good folks at Goodman Games,

My name is Bob INTERNET PRIVACY, I am a huge fan of DCC, and am a teacher currently staring at a month off of work due to the Coronavirus that everyone is dealing with at the moment. I had an idea this morning, it maybe dumb, it may not work, and but I thought I would proffer it up to you anyway as I have a surplus of time on my hands right now. So I thought about how with this recent social distancing many people are going to struggle spending so much time at home. As my primary hobbies are reading, painting miniatures and playing solo board and card games, and I am a strong introvert, I go into this period with little dread. However others may not be so inclined to stay at home and while those who play rpgs with friends in there homes will continue their games, those who play them in public are totally S.O.L., and that would include most of the road crew I assume. So I had an idea for a "Home Crew". Instead of playing games in public, these games could be played online on one of the various platforms devoted to creating such games.
The requirements for a "home crew" game could include things like introducing new players, recruiting on forums and social media platforms etc.. Now i imagine that most judges/players would still want some form of rewards/swag and I think continuing the physical rewards is important, but there might be a way to give out digital rewards like exclusive artwork or pdf versions of DCC products.
This is a very strange time and from what I have read it is going to be longer and more difficult than most people expect, and most of us are feeling a little helpless. At this moment we need community, but at the same time we have to stay away from each other. I have never run a game online or played in one, so maybe what I purpose wouldn't work, but it seemed like a good idea when in popped in head so I thought I would put it forward to you guys. I think it would also be a way to reach new gamers as many people are going to have a lot more time on their hands and at the same time will need to pull back on their budget. Home crew games could be a form of cheap, alternative, interactive entertainment.

Thank you for your time and good luck in this tough time


Re: Home Crew

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:09 pm
by Judge_Yossarian
Dear Mr. INTERNET PRIVACY (if that is even your real name...)

I am surprised they didn't do a post about something like this already. Personally, I was supposed to run my first real road crew event this Saturday and have been feeling bad about not having a public game to run, so an online public game seems like a great idea. I suggested it to my FLGS in lieu of their cancelled event, but they have their own struggles and haven't really gotten back to me.

Still- if anyone wants to try something on fantasygrounds or even just Discord this Saturday, shoot me a PM. I was planning to run Sailors (this was a demo event for new players) and I do own that content in fantasygrounds, but if there's a dearth of noobs who have not yet run that gauntlet, I am happy to run a different adventure. I do have a GM license on FG so nobody would need to pay, they can just use the demo version on steam.

TLDR- I'm with you #HomeCrew, PM me if you want to play something.

Re: Home Crew

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:15 pm
by BobtheBarbarian
Ok So now I feel like a dummy as I didn't realize that running games online already counted as road crew games, which makes my above post an exercise in excessive prose. I have a great idea!.... that someone already thought of. However maybe what we could do with this new forum specifically aimed at road crew is share ways to set up online games because a lot of games in public areas will be cancelled. I also think sharing ways of finding games online would be good as well. Also at the heart of road crew games is getting new people to play. What are some good places (forums, social media platforms etc) to find people who want to get into games

Re: Home Crew

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:42 pm
by BobtheBarbarian
Dear Judge Yossarian (Lives),

Might be interested in a game but I don't have the equipment to play probably but if there is strong response to others wanting to play I think it would be great. My guess is you need a camera and an app of some kind and although I'm not a boomer I am a bit of one techwise. Do you need an account to play one any of those sites? Does it cost money? Am I a noob or what?

Re: Home Crew

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:52 am
by DJ LaBoss
BobtheBarbarian wrote: Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:15 pm Ok So now I feel like a dummy as I didn't realize that running games online already counted as road crew games, which makes my above post an exercise in excessive prose. I have a great idea!.... that someone already thought of.
Hey! Absolutely nothing wrong with coming up with this at all - parallel creation!

Yes, we do give Road Crew credit for games you run online. Same requirements - "public games" (in this case, public on the internet) open to the public.

Also I want to personally say that these are tough times and the whole world could use a little joy injection! Run games online to boost up our friends and neighbors. Run games online to boost up yourself.

Use social media to advertise games and find players. You might try your local FLGS forums or their FB pages, use Twitter, or any of the cool new social media that I am too old and clueless to have heard of yet.

Who has cool ideas for how to advertise your social media games? I'd use Instagram, Twitter, and FB.

What not to use - the Goodman Games forums! Reach beyond the borders.

Then - come back here to the forums and tell us how it went!