Road Crew Road stories!

Share the latest tales of magic and mayhem from your Road Crew games! Hash over recruitment strategy and all that, too. DCC, MCC, DCC Lankhmar, Xcrawl Classics... All your Road Crew talk goes here!

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Road Crew Road stories!

Post by DJ LaBoss »

Hey - its your intrepid Road Crew Chief/ summoned creature in service to the Dark Master Brendan LaSalle, AKA Judge Brendan, AKA Beast Mode AKA DJ LaBoss.

Times are definitely weird for the Road Crew -more on that soon! - but in the meantime I think we should archive what we have, preserve knowledge and stories.

So I want to hear your Road Crew stories! Tell a game story here for all your friends.

Also - if anyone can fill me in on how to add a picture to one of these fakakta forum posts, it earns you a N0-SCROLL!

If we get a few stories going I'll add one or two of my own.
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Re: Road Crew Road stories!

Post by Vort »

Hail Brendan!

To upload new pictures, use the "Attachments" tab below the editor and "Add files" -- or, as I just discovered, drag/drop them into the message box.

To display online images, either use the "insert image" button above the editor or use the format: [img]url[/img] like:

Code: Select all

which would show up as:

Trevor / Road Crew (Calgary)
Shaky, Gambler, N, AC 10, hp 1, S12 A9 S5-2 P9 I9 L9, r+0, f-2, w+0, club +0 (1d4)
Shifty, Smuggler, C, AC 11, hp 1, S9 A15+1 S5-2 P13+1 I8-1 L8-1, r+1, f-2, w+1, init+1, attack rolls -1, sling +0 (1d4)
The Illuminating Anhk, Elven Artisan, L, AC 10, hp 3, S11 A9 S9 P13+1 I10 L15+1, r+0, f+0, w+1, fumbles +1, staff +0 (1d4)
KIA Bailey Bramford, Beadle, L, AC 11, hp 1, S13+1 A13+1 S12 P5-2 I13+1 L11, r+1, f+0, w-2, init +1, staff +1 (1d4+1)
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