MCC Class Comparisons

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MCC Class Comparisons

Post by Melfast » Wed Oct 21, 2020 7:04 pm

Hail and Well Met Fellow Travelers in the Wastes

I have put together a simple comparison of the MCC classes to help me and my group understand and compare the MCC classes.

Provided in case anyone else might find it useful. Let me know if I've left something out:

MCC Class Comparisons

Manimal: D7 HP; 1d2 physical and 1 mental mutation, Natural Attack, Pack Mentality, mediocre with artifacts, Radburn, Glowburn

Mutants: D5 HP; 1d3 physical and 1d2 mental mutations, Mutant Horror, Reverse Evolution, good with artifacts (might be fair with AI if look like PSH), Radburn, Glowburn

Plantient: D5 HP; 1d3 physical mutations, Fragrance Pheromone (best luck bonus/sharable), Can’t see the Forest for the Trees, poor with artifacts, Radburn, Glowburn

Pure Strain Humans
Healer: D8 HP; Medical Artifacts, Naturopathy (healing), Darwinian Luck, better with artifacts and AI (best with medical equipment)

Rover: D6 HP; Artifact Doors and Security Systems, Darwinian Luck (enhanced), better with artifacts and AI (best with security systems/doors)

Sentinel: D12 HP; Artifact Die, Darwinian Luck, AI Recognition, better with artifacts and AI (best with weapons and armor)

Shaman: D4 HP; Patron AI, 1-5 Programs (Intelligence and Patron AI dependent), Darwinian Luck (limited), best with artifacts and AI, Glowburn

Happy Gaming...


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