MCC House Rules in Your Game (Updated to v3 on 11/11/20)

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MCC House Rules in Your Game (Updated to v3 on 11/11/20)

Post by Melfast » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:16 pm

Edited 11/11/20 -- Updated the PDF to reflect my A-B-C approach to Shaman programs, added miscellaneous rules and included links to the A-B-C Shaman program spreadsheet, and the extended equipment and occupations tables

Hey Fellow Travelers on the Barren Wastes

What house rules have you adopted for your MCC game?

I have a several rules I've added.
-- Shaman Program Progression
-- Rover Doors/ Security Systems / Remain Hidden ability Interpretation
-- Healer Advanced Neuropathy
-- Sentinel Mighty Deeds of Artifacts
-- 0-level character creation (PSH and Plantient Artifact Checks)
-- Miscellaneous rules on armor stacking/fumbles and missing rules, including two-weapon fighting and criticals and fumbles when using wetware and mutations
-- Extended Starting Occupations and Equipment tables

You can find them here if you are curious:!Ak88KIALsgrVif0Gjbe ... A?e=yof4uL (new link to v3 of the house rules)

I'd be interested on your feedback on these rules and suggestions for other house rules.

For these house rules, the only essential one in my mind is the Shaman program progression. (Now using the A-B-C progression in one of my other posts.)

I think the one on interpreting the Rover's Doors / Security Systems / Remain Hidden ability is good and helps the Rover be a little more capable/useful. This is based on some of the DCC Thief skills, but I have not fully playtested it yet.

I made up the one for the Healer (Advanced Neuropathy), because I thought their healing ability was a little bland. This is also not playtested, so it may change as it gets tested.

The Sentinel's Mighty deeds of Artifacts has been talked about in a lot of places and seems popular. (I think I first heard it on the Glowburn podcast.) This has been updated to make it stand alone (the previous one referred you to the DCC book, and I really want to have house rules and interpretations that stand on their own or only need the MCC core book).

Finally, I liked the idea of giving PSH +1 to artifact checks and Plantients a -1 to artifact checks at 0 level. (These modifiers are superseded at first level by the normal PSH and Plantient features.) I likely won't use it for a one-shot, but I will try it out with my home game. This idea was proposed by Huyderman in this forum post back in 2017: ... 76#p119725

Happy gaming...

- Melfast

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