Late to the Party but Hello!

Mutant Crawl Classics is the warped, mutant sci-fi twin to DCC. All Plantients, Manimals, Mutants and PSH are welcome here...

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Late to the Party but Hello!

Post by maceo_the_escher » Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:27 pm

I just picked up MCC so I wanted to stop in and say Hello. I don't have too many questions at this point but will make one more post with a question in addition to this post.

I know there will not be a 100% agreed upon answer to this but since some time has passed now since its release are there certain resources or rule adjustment documents that are generally considered to be not necessary but very helpful to running the game? Maybe a homebrewed improvement to the PSH classes (that seem to have received criticism)?

I have Hubris (that I think I got as part of a Humble Bundle) and Tales from the Fallen Empire and Umerican Survival Guide both look good too. But for my above question I meant specific changes or fixes or clarification documents to the core MCC book.

In addition to the three 3PP books I mentioned above are there any others that come highly recommended?

Also I would LOVE to hear and really APPRECIATE what people who are running MCC use as their classes. Or even what people have seen other Judges run with. I'm sure again that there is no "right answer" but trying to see if a consensus might have started to form around certain additions or changes to the game.

I hope that makes sense and thank you for any advice. I have one specific game mechanic question I will make another post about

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