4th and 5th Level Patron AI Wetware for Your Game

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4th and 5th Level Patron AI Wetware for Your Game

Post by Melfast »

Hail Fellow Travelers on the Radioactive Wastelands

Need Level-4 or Level-5 Patron AI wetware? I am here to help.

Jim Wampler, who was the MCC lead writer and designer, said that the idea was to wait to provide these higher level wetware until later products. (Maybe when Goodman does 7th and 9th level adventures?)

You don’t need to wait that long; I have three options for you to fill this need.

They say you can have something cheap, fast or good – pick two.

I think I can do better with one of these three options…

-- Cheap and Good: Write-up your own. This has several advantages, but it requires a time investment to develop 16 new Patron AI wetware on your own. You can also write the ones you need as you need them.

-- Fast and Good: Buy 3PP – there are a couple out there that seem good, and you can pull wetware from them to use with your Patron AI. Jim Wampler has written some in his 3PP. Grab the ones you need as you need them.

-- Cheap, Fast, and Good: Re-skin DCC Spells. But wait I hear you cry, doesn’t that mean this option isn’t cheap, because I have to buy the DCC core book? First, if you don’t own it, you should. But I did promise this option would be cheap, so here’s how it works. You can get all the DCC spells free at the Purple Sorcerer web site. Just go to the following web link, use the select spells option, and you can create a grimoire with all the spells you need: https://purplesorcerer.com/grimoire.php (BTB, this is a great site that Jon Marr provides as a free resource to the community. If you find it useful, please consider buying something or supporting him during his once-a-year pledge drive.)

But wait I hear you cry again, there are a lot of DCC spells to go through, doesn’t that mean this option isn’t fast? I did promise this would be fast, so I’ve done the work for you!

Here is how I would use DCC spells as Patron AI wetware.

First, patron spells/wetware are supposed to be a little stronger than normal spells. However, I’m not willing to re-write all the spells I want to use to buff them up a little. That would take a lot of time, and the reason I’m using DCC spells is to save time.

In order to reflect their slightly heightened power, I am going to let the Shaman use any bonus they may have from their Patron AI Bond to using Invoke Patron AI on any of these converted DCC spells. If they are using 4th and 5th level wetware, they ought to have a pretty good bonus from their Patron AI. In addition, if the DCC spell is of a lower level than the Patron AI Wetware level I am using it for, all damage dice will be +1d, and the Shaman will take a -1 to their program check roll (to make the results table lines up properly).

Here is the list of DCC spells I’d use for each patron AI and a hint for each on how to reflavor them to for MCC:

Patron AI // Patron AI Wetware Level // DCC Spell // Reflavoring // DCC Class // Spell Level
ACHROMA // 4 // Bolt from the blue // Energy bolt to strike down the illogical/irrational // Cleric // 3
ACHROMA // 5 // Vermin Blight // Nanite swarms / microdrones // Cleric // 4
GAEA // 4 // Weather Control // Taps into her weather control system to manipulate local weather // Cleric // 5
GAEA // 5 // Hepsoj’s Fecund Fungi // Uses her powers to control fungi // Wizard // 5
HALE-E // 4 // Eldritch Hound // Summons a solid holographic hunting hound out of library of 3D games // Wizard // 3
HALE-E // 5 // Mind Purge // Sends surge through mind of 3D holographic sensations and false memory // Wizard // 5
Hexacoda // 4 // Runic Alphabet, Fey // Multiphasic symbols of protection // Wizard // 3
Hexecoda // 5 // Whirling Doom // Can summon protections for the ruins of the ancients // Cleric // 5
Mangala // 4 // Spiritual Weapon // Empowers his servant's weapons to fight on their own // Cleric // 3
Mangala // 5 // Righteous Fire // Brings down the flames // Cleric // 5
ME10 // 4 // Affliction of the Gods // Genetic manipulation causing afflictions / wounds. 50% chance considered unholy // Cleric // 4
ME10 // 5 // Replication // Uses his power to create duplicates of the caster // Wizard // 5
Tetraplex // 4 // Eternal Champion // Creates hard hologram hero from history // Wizard // 3
Tetraplex // 5 // Wizard Sense // Enabling access to Tetraplex's database to gain knowledge // Wizard // 4
UKUR // 4 // Haste // The master of making things travel faster can make you faster // Wizard // 3
UKUR // 5 // Transmute earth // The master of the underground tunnels can move and change the earth // Wizard // 4

You will want to work with your Shaman player (or with your Judge if you are the Shaman player) to polish the flavor and wetware effects to make them more MCC. This is best done when you will actually need the wetware, so you don't invest time in something that you either don't need or don't need yet.

Let me know what you think. What DCC spells would you use? If you have written your own, what did you come up with? If you are using 3PP, how have you used them?

Happy gaming…

-- Melfast
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