Campaign - Destroy the world, then save it.

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Campaign - Destroy the world, then save it.

Post by gambler1650 »

So there was this old 2nd Edition D&D module called "The Apocalypse Stone" which involved the end of the world with the hook that the players caused it. My problem with the module as I recall it, is that the players caused it more or less randomly, and never really found out that it was them until way too late to do anything about it.

I came up with a riff on the idea for another setting, but am now imagining the general outline for a campaign in DCC with a different twist.

The characters live in a world about to suffer some form of cataclysm (perhaps caused in my 'Funnel idea.." post yesterday). It's not evident when they begin their campaign. They have long careers (well, some of them.. others just die) until the apocalyptic event occurs. They're powerful, but not so powerful that they can stop it although they get some clues as to how it started..

They use a magic item/portal to escape... only to find themselves back in the world.. at a time near when they started adventuring before, and now powerful enough that they might be able to do something about the events that led to the apocalyptic event. So they return to places/people they remember, but with a different dynamic.
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Re: Campaign - Destroy the world, then save it.

Post by GnomeBoy »

Sounds tricky to pull-off without heavily pushing them, but if done well, it could be a lot of fun.
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